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Croatian Counties

Sibenik & Knin County
Sibenik & Knin County
http://www.sibensko-kninska-zupanija.hr/ :: Date added: 21.04.2006.
Karlovac county
Karlovac county official www, web pages includes; Karlovac in general, stucture and organization of county, management and guvern, education and sport, culture, turism, foto galery of cities and towns, contact with Karlovac, turist map
http://www.karlovacka-zupanija.hr :: Date added: 21.04.2006.
Offical Site of Pozesko-Slavonska County
This web site enables open communication with public. Trough this site you can find out information regarding county, ask questions or express an opinion on any subject you wish.
http://www.pszupanija.hr/ :: Date added: 21.04.2006.
Koprivnica-Krizevci County
Koprivnica-Krizevci County
http://www.kckzz.hr :: Date added: 21.04.2006.
Osijek-Baranja County
Official site contains informations about government, regulation, cities, economy, events, cooperation, links
http://www.osjecko-baranjska-zupanija.hr/ :: Date added: 21.04.2006.
Bjelovar-bilogora County
Official Web pages of the Bjelovar-bilogora County
http://www.bbz.hr :: Date added: 21.04.2006.
Krapina-Zagorje County
Official Internet pages of Krapina-Zagorje County.
http://www.kr-zag-zupanija.hr :: Date added: 21.04.2006.
Virovitica-Podravina County
Official pages of Virovitica-Podravina County.
http://www.viroviticko-podravska-zupanija.hr :: Date added: 21.04.2006.
Medjimurje County
Web site of Medjimurje County
http://www.zupanija-medjimurska.hr/ :: Date added: 21.04.2006.
Split & Dalmatia County
Split & Dalmatia County
http://www.splitsko-dalmatinska-zupanija.hr/ :: Date added: 21.04.2006.
Lika & Senj County
Lika is attractive at all seasons, in winter skiing time, while doing long hikes through nature that awakes in springtime, while swimming in the sea in summertime and in autumn harvest. With its forests Lika is a real paradise for anyone who loves quiet and tranquillity, a relaxing vacation, a place where a city man can satisfy his real curiosity, a thing he always long for.Here you can enjoy the purest sea on the Adriatic, wild sandbeaches, and the Velebit mountain spreading behind you, calling for new adventures. Everybody who visited this area once, keeps comming back to explore new beauties. Come and find out what makes this place so attractive.
http://www.licko-senjska.hr/ :: Date added: 21.04.2006.
Zadar County
Zadar County
http://www.zadarska-zupanija.hr/ :: Date added: 21.04.2006.
Primorsko-goranska County
Primorsko-goranska County borders in the north with the Republic of Slovenia, in the west with Istarska County, in the east with the Counties of Karlovac and Licko-senjska, while in the south-east, at the Gate of Kvarner, it has a sea borderline with Zadarska County. The County comprises also part of the territorial waters with the state boundary located some 22km south-west of the island of Susak. The area of Primorsko-goranska County is divided into three regions - the mountainous, the littoral and the island region - with the overall area of 3,582 km2 or 6.3% of the total national territory.
http://www.pgz.hr :: Date added: 21.04.2006.
Vukovar & Srijem County
Vukovar & Srijem County
http://www.vukovarsko-srijemska-zupanija.hr/ :: Date added: 21.04.2006.
Istrian County Government
All information about the Istrian county local government
http://www.istra-istria.hr/ :: Date added: 21.04.2006.
Dubrovnik & Neretva County
Dubrovnik & Neretva County
http://www.dubrovacko-neretvanska-zupanija.hr/ :: Date added: 21.04.2006.
Sisak & Moslavina County
Sisak & Moslavina County
http://www.smz.hr :: Date added: 21.04.2006.
The County of Brod and Posavina
Official Web pages of the County of Brod and Posavina
http://www.bpz.hr :: Date added: 21.04.2006.