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Europe on the Internet
A brief overview of the European integration and relevant organizations, their institutions, bodies and programmes is presented, along with the structure of their official Web sites and relevant Internet addresses. Attention is primarily devoted to the European Union and the Council of Europe, covering also significant subregional associations (EFTA, CEFTA, Central European Initiative), security structures (Partneship for Peace, Western European Union) and, to some extent, global organizations and institutions.
http://www.imo.hr :: Date added: 31.01.2006.
HITRO.HR is a new user-oriented service of Government of the Republic of Croatia. HITRO.HR is first step in realization of strategic concept e-Government which will provide all services to citizens and entrepreneurs in one place (One Stop Shop).
http://www.hitro.hr/ :: Date added: 28.11.2005.
CroInfo.com - pro Republic of Croatia
The purpose of these web pages is to draw attention of Croatian public to topics of exceptional importance for political independence and economic progress of the Republic of Croatia and for the protection of the natural environment in the Republic of Croatia.
http://www.croinfo.com :: Date added: 31.01.2006.