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Free communication platform for effective environmental information exchange; created by using advanced user friendly open source CMS software and OpenPublishing method for censorship free online publishing. Used by croatian environmental network Green Forum members as well as scientists, citizens, volonteers and others...
http://www.ekologija.hr/ :: Date added: 22.03.2006.
Green action
Green Action is a an environmental NGO. The goal ofGA is to promote environmentally sound and sustainable development. Our key priority is to encourage and facilitate public participation in all decision-making processes relevant to the environment and improvement of quality of life in Croatia.
http://www.zelena-akcija.hr :: Date added: 22.03.2006.
ZelenaEnergija.org - Center for renewable energy application
Search for companies, news, articles and events regarding renewable and alternative energy sources and its application.
http://www.zelenaenergija.org :: Date added: 12.08.2009.