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About us

About us

The Miracolina u.i.o. company was established in 2002 with the aim of developing and offering services in IT (internet) and tourism. Since then, Miracolina has successfully completed goals and has a constant and stable growth of business. Our commitment towards enhancing services and constantly improving quality, has brought us a great number of private and business clients for whom we have undertaken graphic design, web or marketing (business) solutions at various levels of complexity and prices. The Miracolina company began in 2002 with two employees whereas today it employs five people along with three contractors possessing a technical profile and a few itinerant sales personnel.


The Miracolina u.i.o. company is organised into a technical and commercial department. You can contact the respective department using the information below. If you're advertising with us, it's best that you contact the person with whom you signed the agreement or contact our sales manager who's on call 24-hours a day and who'll be happy to answer all your questions.

  • Telephone number: +385 52 521 777
  • E-mail: la.miracolina (at) gmail.com
  • Sales manager: +385 98 255 031
  • Address: 43. Istarske divizije 15, 52212 Fažana

Vision and mission

Our vision is the internet and the web, a place of organised and structured information available to visitors of various profiles from all over the world, and the development of applications for their simple maintenance. Therefore, we have developed and are further developing a system whose main feature is the ability to structure the organisation of different information and its interrelation. At the same time we follow the vision of a globally connected humanity, therefore our system is instinctively directed towards internationalisation (il8n) and the perfect maintenance of multilingual content.

In regards to tourism, our vision is to create a detailed information portal on Croatia which presents its tourism on the Internet and which is excellently organised and conceived in such a way as to allow easy navigation and easy viewing of contents, including an intuitive approach to any desired information. Our mission is to contribute to the development of Croatian tourism not only by improving exposure of tourist offerings but also by propagating in the global media the truth about Croatia is and its actual qualities. Our particular intention is to assist in formulating Croatian tourism so as to emphasise its rich natural and cultural heritage, accepting the social and ecological standards in order to contribute to the standard of living of the local populace, while presenting Croatia as a tourist destination where guests readily return.

Company facts

  • Name: la Miracolina d.o.o.
  • Owner: Loris Bilić
  • Address: 43. Istarske divizije 15, 52212 Fažana
  • Business no.: 040335649
  • OIB: 63015500135
  • IBAN: HR9223400091110696006

Our clients

  • IDS, Istrian Democratic Parliament (Istarski demokratski sabor), the leading political party in Istra
  • The Medulin Municipality Tourist Board
  • Briuni National Park, we designed for the president's office the labelling for an exclusive collection of wines and liquer produced by them
  • Prestige d.o.o., one of the most innovative Croatian companies in the field of manufacturing perfume aromas. An award winner of international and domestic competitions for quality and innovation
  • GlobalRelax, one of the leading multinational companies in Croatia for the distribution of healthy lifestyle products www.globalrelax.com
  • A large number of private clients, hotels, tourist motels, hospitality premises, camps use our services in order to promote their tourist offering (visit www.histrica.com: hotels, camps, private accommodation etc.)
  • Tourist agencies using our solutions in presenting offerings on the internet www.albatours.hr and www.clubtravel.hr
  • See our reference list