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Informative questionnaire for websites development

Dear Sir/Madam

If you are interested in more information or an informative proposal for the development of your websites, please, fill in the following form or contact us via phone, email, or directly. Take into account that this is only an informative form, not an order, and it serves for our employees to better understand your needs. Upon the reception, our operators will contact you in a preferred way. Your personal data shall not be used in any other purpose.


Fill in the informative questionnaire after which our representative will contact you.

Your name:
Phone No.:
Contact me via: phone e-mail
Website topic (for instance: tourist, boat sale, real estate agency)
Do you need a new logo? Yes No
Website style Simple Corporate 3D ART
Neutral Retro Rustic
Preferences: colours (e.g. blue and yellow)
Do you want an option to update content by yourself? Yes No
Expected number of pages (e.g. 30)
Do you wish to add animated elements to the website? Yes No
Domain registration needed? If yes, enter the desired URL to (check the availability)
Languages that website should appear in? hr en de it
Search optimisation (enter the terms you wish to search and separate them by a comma). More info on optimisation)
Additional remarks, description: