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Design, contents and concept

The best design is an original design. A design that is adapted to your needs, a design which takes into account your current visual identity, business, product and service profile, target clientele profile, esthetical preferences, download speed, ease of viewing, navigability etc. A template-designed web site can't be compared to an original design because not only you can come across a competitor with the same design, but also because every job is specific and has a definite scope. It's not possible to typify a design and use it in each situation. Try comparing a tailor-made suit and one bought off the rack!

We call our work web-art due to the high criteria incorporated in the esthetical design, which includes optimization of web page functionality hence achieving optimal results (client response).

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Choose a web design and appearance that'll be attractive today and tomorrow, and not just yesterday's attractive design. There's a saying, "First impressions are the best impressions!". A good design offers first impressions not only to your clients but also your partners and investors. Don't let this important moment pass by! Our graphic designer creates a professional and quality "front" for your business.

Based on needs, we will take care of your complete visual identity.
Visual identity is your business's personality comprising of numerous elements such as choice of colour, original logo, business cards, letterheads, web site etc. All of these elements are combined to fulfil your requirements and your company's business profile.

Take advantage of our expertise and experience and achieve your maximum!

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Contents (Offer)

Content is the most important part of the web page! People visit your web pages because of the content (information, deals). What draws you to a web site? Why do you visit Google, or some of the other web portals? If you know the answer, if you know how to look your buyers in the eyes, you'll then be able to assess the necessary type of content (information, products and services) to be offered in order to attract and maintain clients and therefore achieve your business mission. Our expert assistance can contribute to your business success.

The contents should be conceived in a basic manner, with a purpose, easy for viewing and intuitively! If you do this your sure to gain dedicated visitors. As your consultants we'll propose real solutions so you may achieve the goals of your business and web site. If necessary, we'll recommend additional components to the contents (eg. blog, forum, newsletter...), introducing or omitting of some topics and so on. We have the necessary knowledge, experience and technology!

Websites conception

To make a concept of a website can be described as the process of displaying information. In this way you can achieve a maximum marketing or other type of effect you wish.

A concept of a Website means:

  • To define available content and offer;
  • To categorise a website according to themes, groups, and pages;
  • To highlight the main content (information, products, services);
  • To determine page layout;
  • To organise the structure of links and menus (number of menus, their positioning);
  • To organise the content in a manner that achieves the best search engine results (Google, Yahoo etc.);
  • To choose appropriately the colours, photographs, motifs and other esthetical elements.

The concept process is carried out according to:

  • Desired business effect
  • Functionality and ease of viewing
  • Search engines positioning
  • Aesthetics

The above makes it clear that the concept process is a complex, but very important and essential process, often being the thin line between success and failure. Naturally, as the scope of the project grows, the concept complexity grows with it. The “ordinary” website concept is less demanding in regard to content, technical and financial terms than a web portal.

For more serious application of the Internet in your business, we recommend you to entrust the job to an expert: in its entirety, by consultation or through education. Conception process carried out in accordance to the analysis of your needs is then fully integrated into the development of your website (or any other product), and is highly regarded in optimisation. Consequently, this makes you become the main link of our mutual business success!

And finally: packaging!

Finally, your web pages are packaged, refined, finalised into a finished product and loaded onto a quality server at a reasonable price! Here we list the contents of your ARTWEB package:

Notice that you have the opportunity to choose all that you require in order to create a successful business and internet presence. We reckon that the consulting, conception and optimisation factors are very important for success, hence you're not abandoned to your own attempts and failures. We offer you initiative, feedback and advice, and not just the routine completion of an order because it often happens that we require your input in making the best choice and solution. In this kind of situation, while you require assistance you often don't get it due to the business approach, profile and politics of those constructing your web site. Insufficient clarity leads to problems, failure or deviation from the project.

The most common problem stated above occurs with companies who mass-produce cheap web pages and who require that you deliver the whole concept and all the contents. These companies don't take into account the best possible solution, believing that formulating ideas is not part of their job. These types of solutions often have poor and limited results and do not meet your expectations. It is necessary to understand that the problem does not lie in the product offer or (lack of) quality, which represents a certain value for money on your investment, instead it is what you expect from the product (web pages). The key lies in clarity and understanding: understanding your needs, goals and purchasing habits. In other words, can the product fulfil your expectations and goals?

The aim of this article and the articles found at is to clarify your choice and decision making process, offering criteria for evaluating the web products and understanding your own needs as well as the manner in which quality web pages are constructed.

Ask yourself why is it that you come across such variety and price differences for apparently the same internet services. Now you know! The answer lies in the level of service! The general rule that a higher price automatically means a higher quality is not true, neither do more expensive solutions better met your needs.

We are sure that your interest and drive along with our experience, labour and knowledge will create a successful relation for our mutual success! If you have further questions, please fill out the info questionnaire referring to web site construction.-->